Monday, 13 August 2012

Ancient Roman Classes of People

In order for me to achieve what I am aiming for within this project I need to research some more about the Romans to help me discover the history and their culture. In particular, for me to create a Roman city and to lay it out in the order which fits the objective of my game. I will need to research social classes such as; Patricians and Plebians. This will help me determine the design of the project and more specifically how will the city and architecture of it will look.

The Two main classes of people in ancient Rome


The Patricians were the upper class, land owners and nobility that lived throughout Rome. 


The Plebians on the other hand were considered to be the lower class of the two. "Plebs" which was their nickname included everyone in Rome other than Nobility and the Patricians. 

One of the main reasons that I am looking at the social classes in the ancient Roman times is because I want to know how they lived, and in particular were they lived. 
Knowing where these classes of people lived will really help in this pre - production stage. It will be key when it comes to the design of the game. 

So what were the Roman Patricians and Plebians housing like?

Most Plebians lived in small apartment housing which were called flats. In most cases, these apartments were above or behind shops. Apartment housing with in general very unpleasant. In some cases three generations of family would live in one room without the option of having running water. Another problem that over crowding caused was cooking. 

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